Sunday, December 31, 2006

Free Ferrari's (laptop ;)) and computers from Microsoft (M$) to bloggers, Wants them back now.

But all those bloggers, don't worry about returning them. From what I read, you do not have to return or give away until you finish reviewing Vista. You may finish reviewing it in a few months, (installed Vista is pretty hefty and review might be depending on your ability, a narrowly focused journalist, a fanboy or a real tech geek) any way by the time you finish this, new set of patches will come your way. If you think you are done by this time, you are wrong, service pack one will be released, which will crash your Ferrari and if your had your air bag (Apple notebook) you can then return the thrashed Ferrari to M$.
I am not sour about not getting a computer from M$, I never applied, but I did review Vista, submitted bug reports, and decided not to use it other than for work. And I have a note book that has 160GB raid 1! How many did get that security?

But the issue is did M$ try to buy some good will by sending these computers to Bloggers? what ever the reason they did, M$ is getting enough negative backlash that it is almost laughable, if you are not a M$ fanboy or simply M$.
The best that came out of this Ferrari M$ saga is that EFF is getting some money to fight monopoly's like M$. Long live EFF.

EFF is getting Microsoft money
(Scroll down to bottom to see EFF Letter.
Person who gave this to EFF
What other blogger planing to do with their Ferrari's

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