Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Google Toolbar 3.0 beta, for Firefox is ready

All the features that recent IE Google Toolbar had is now ready for Firefox. The Google Toolbar 3.0 Beta, lets you access your bookmarks from any computer, add custom buttons to your Toolbar, and share web pages via Blogger, Gmail, and SMS.
In addition to the above, just for Firefox users. When you surf the web, you may want to read *.DOC and *.xls right in your browser. Most of the time, you had to download those files and view them with a separate application. Now with the aid of Google Docs & Spreadsheets, you will be able to read those files right in Firefox.
So if you are trying to get away from proprietary formats and yet be able to communicate with rest of the world that equates computers to M$, this tool bar may ease some of your tasks.

Google Blog, Toolbar upgrade for Firefox
Google Toolbar 3.0 Beta
Google Docs & Spreadsheets

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