Sunday, December 17, 2006

MPAA continue to show it's stupidity and make us laugh

MPAA and RIAA has been laughable in many occasions for their pathetic lawsuits and attempts to curb piracy. Tech Reads helped me to get my latest laugh at their expense.
I thought they were incapable of doing something right, because with their money and other resources, could have come out with solutions like iTunes a years ago, when they started wagging sticks at likes of MP3.COM. They failed then and according to their ad campaign looks like they fail now.
Thanks RIAA, the only music I listen now is via the radio.
Tech News high lights;
"Notice the obvious grammar error in their quote? Conclusive proof the MPAA is a gang of morons? I think so.

Pirated movies are cheaper than the ones we sell:

Even if you are hoping to get your favorite movie titles at a discount, new or used, the extremely low prices offered on some Web sites might indicate pirated product.

Pirated copies, unlike ours contain no DRM and are region free:

In addition, if anywhere on the package it reads that the disc is an “All-Region,” “0-Region,” or “No Region” product, it’s highly likely that the DVD is pirated.

Is pirating your movies starting to sound better and better? Would you like to learn more? Excellent, the MPAA kindly gives you a list of applications you can use to download free movies. As a courtesy they’ve also said that these programs can be used to download that $600 Adobe product you’ve always wanted, or that South Park episode you missed.

A peer-to-peer service is a network that enables computers to connect directly to each other in order to distribute and copy files. Software programs utilize these networks to search for and trade every kind of file. Examples of P2P services include eDonkey, KazaA, Limewire and DirectConnect.

Careful kids, because as well all know downloading music is FAR more damaging and worse than stealing a used pair of shoes.

It is no different from stealing another person’s shoes or stereo, except sometimes it can be a lot more damaging.

I’m convinced, are you?"

Read more of juicy stuff and comments at given link.

Tech News "MPAA is helping their users.."

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