Thursday, January 11, 2007

CES Nuggets, that I will tryto get

Hitachi 1TB hard drive;
Besides the sheer capacity of the Hitachi Deskstar 7K1000 drive, which provides 33% more storage space than the largest drive currently available on the market - Seagate's 750 GB Barracuda drive - the big news about the Terabyte drive is that it actually may be ringing in more competition for Seagate on the high-end, ultimately resulting in lower prices. Hitachi will sell the 7K1000 for about $400 retail, which compares to about $450 for Seagate's 750 GB drive.

32GB Flash Drive;
NAND flash will turn 18 years in 2007 and it could become the most important and successful year of the technology yet. Having matured mainly in applications such as memory cards, USB sticks and high-end solid state disks, NAND flash appears top be ready to take a shot at key storage applications. Following Samsung, which yesterday announced that it has begun production of 16 Gb memory chips for its 2.5" 32 GB Flash drive, Sandisk said that it will be unveiling a 1.8" 32 GB SSD, based on NAND flash memory technology at CES.

The One Laptop Per Child project computer;
The One Laptop Per Child project is inching towards final production: Prototypes are currently on display at the Consumer Electronics Show and we have used the opportunity to play around with the devices shown by Marvell, which provides the wireless chips for the device.

Tom's hardware guide has more news on CES

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