Sunday, January 14, 2007

Gas Pump with WiFi dispenses MP3s

I was at Asterisk VoIP News when I noticed this article. But before going any further, let me tell you that the system depends on Windows CE! Be aware of what you might get or not. "Where do you want to go today?" Bill might actually know where you are going.
From AVN;
Fuel dispenser manufacturer Dresser Wayne demonstrated its latest Windows CE-powered gas pump at this week's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Among other functions, the Internet-ready, WiFi-capable Ovation2 iX supports the transfer of media content to other WiFi-enabled devices.
The CES demonstration featured a Windows Automotive-enabled Alpine Electronics stereo and navigation system installed in a Lincoln Navigator. The demo showed audio files being purchased from the Dresser Wayne fuel dispenser, downloaded to a compatible media device such as a cellphone or entertainment system, and then played through the Alpine IVA-W200 stereo system located within the vehicle.
Read more at AVN.

WiFi enabled Gas Pump

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