Monday, January 08, 2007

LG resolves HDDVD format war with BH100 and GGW-H10N

The LG's BH100 is the stand alone, Super Multi Blue player, the BH100 doesn't take sides and simply offers both Blu-ray and HD-DVD playback in one drive at the price of $1.199.
The GGW-H10N is a bare drive that will be meant for computer optical disk that will read both Blu-ray and HDDVD formats, as well as current DVD disks.
Other companies like Samsung also came out with newer Blu-ray disk players that would read older DVD disks but wouldn't you rather have a player that can read formats? Yeas I would and save up for that LG BH100 for my home theater and GGW-H10N for my computer. I would like to have a writer as well but I guess then I will have to buy two drives, one to write Blu-ray and the other to write HDDVD.
As Ravenii wrote earlier (see the link below), Warner brothers dual format disks also will put a damper in the format war. Now that LG out with the player option, Warner Brother can promote the dual format disk version. Also in the making, from Warner brothers is a disk that will hold all three formats, Blu-ray, HDDVD, DVD.
Wow, this is goig to be better than Betamax war.
My guess is next version of XBOX will have a built in HDDVD drive, or would it be a drive from LG?

Geemodo: The Total HD, will make it easier for you chose HD DVD player

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