Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Looks as if Sony trying to buy a winning in game console war

Looks as if Sony trying to buy a winning in game console war. Looking at some of the predictions by analysts like Yankee group (Which analyzed few years ago that SCO will win the war with IBM (Follow the link below) is saying that PS3 will dominate the Console Game market, by 2010-2011!, may be they are talking about PS4 which is better and cheaper.
here is the scoops;
"In August 2006 another research company forecasted that Sony’s PlayStation 3 will win the gaming console battle. Boston-based research firm Yankee Group reported that the game-console war will have found a winner by 2011 and that is PlayStation 3. Xbox 360 will come second and Nintendo Wii third. The respected market research firm predicted that by 2011, which means 5 years from now, PlayStation 3 will have more than 30 million units sold, Xbox 360 will closely follow with 27 million units and Nintendo will trail the other two giants with its Wii console, with only 11 million units.

Translated in market share, that means 44% for PlayStation, which regains its dominant position, 40% for Xbox 360 and 16% for Nintendo’s Wii."

Hmm. Do they have shares in Sony? In about Years, may be Wii II will win the game!

I got the information from Dvorak uncensored.

But Gizmodo asks;
"Tossing out on their asses those who forecast gaming console sales by throwing darts at a dartboard, let's take a look at the real numbers: Xbox 360 has sold 9.44 million units so far, the Wii has moved 2.2 million, compared to the measly 854,627 units of the PS3. Maybe those researchers aren't paying any attention to which gaming consoles are actually fun to play. Who's your daddy, PS3?"

You tell me!
Yankee group's Laura Didio's analysis of SCO law suite.
Dvorak uncensored
Gizmodo egg headded++ analysts

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