Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Looks like M$ broke it's own rules concerning Patchgaurd

There is a debate going on about M$'s much touted PachGaurd. Microsoft has changed rules to get one of it's application working according to one researcher. The I also read a post by a M$ worshiper explaining the issue but sidestepping the real questions. The information about the patchgaurd issue came from Skywing, one of my favorite authors.
The issue and the results are typical to M$ behavior one can be sure this patchgaurd will only provide protection (prevent) from providing solutions like virus and malware, direct driver needs provided by good people. The rogues will somehow by pass this, like M$ did.
The issue and the debate is so ugly, uncertain and lengthy, (So microsoft!), I will provide you the links to posts so you can make your own mind about it.

Skywing's article at Uninformed

Skywing' weblog, A lots of windows programming info, the last article I read

Did PatchGaurd hotfix break M$'s own rules @computerworld

Skywing's new Kernel Patch Protection analysis (mind your step, a lot of M$

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