Wednesday, January 24, 2007

M$ not enough to buy Wikipedia

Microsoft's attempt to pay someone to alter the content of Wikipedia, has back fired. I think there are many blog posts and news items that point to this saga. I think Microsoft must be getting real soft in the middle now. Trying every which way to push its agenda to the fore. But it should have thought that OSS is more than just money. There may be bloggers that sell may their souls but there are ones that do not. Would I have done it? Don't know. Money is a big attractor, and the amount makes attraction stronger.
Since there are many posts, I will direct you to the sources. But before the links, I should say some things about posts. To be fair links take you to all three camps.
Not all posts are against Microsoft, there is a whole bunch that suck up to M$
The person involved / started the whole issue is Microsoft material from my point. After reading his post, I feel he will feel at home with Microsoft. But to be fair, read his article and the comments that follows.
In his article he says that he is going to correct the wikipedia! we he is welcome as long as he is right about what he writes. But reading his article and comments, I doubt he knows too much. And the entries (if any/ if allowed) will be validated.
Everyone has his or her right to their opinion. Above is mine.

Wikipedia entry on the issue
Microsoft contacted Rick Jelliffe
Microsoft is awsome, (do I need to say more..)
Microsoft Is Awesome: Microsoft Pays Editors to improve Quality of Wikipedia Articles

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