Friday, January 05, 2007

Toyota will stop you from driving if you are Drunk

A post in Slashdot lead me to an article about an Alcohol Detection System that can detect drunken drivers and would immobilize the car when it detects excessive alcohol consumption.
Further digging allowed me to pick this bit too; "Cars fitted with the detection system will not start if sweat sensors in the driving wheel detect high levels of alcohol in the driver's bloodstream, according to a report carried by the mass-circulation daily, Asahi Shimbun. The system could also kick in if the sensors detect abnormal steering, or if a special camera shows that the driver's pupils are not in focus. The car is then slowed to a halt, the report said.'"

So if you are a drunk, don't drive and don't buy a Toyota. The other question I have for Toyota is how are they going to manage, cross eyed people!,


Toyota Creating Alcohol Detection System from

(AP) -- Toyota Motor Corp. is developing a fail-safe system for cars that detects drunken drivers and automatically shuts the vehicle down if sensors pick up signs of excessive alcohol consumption, a news report said Wednesday.


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