Sunday, February 04, 2007

Loose your ID to M$ Live ID,

Loose your ID to M$ Live ID now that M$ has released the Live ID SDK Alpha. There were no bungee jumping spiders to introduce the product but a tiny blog post;
"Today we released the alpha of the SDK for using Windows Live ID authentication in your client (non-web) application. Check it out:

I'm actually writing this blog post from the sample app in the SDK. I'm glad we're finally opening up the platform a bit more.

OK, so I had to update the formatting via the web a bit... so you won't be blown away by the sample, but hey, its a start."

Yes that is the whole post! Follow the links below;
I remember the time when passport was to become the "the ID", is this the same with a different name?

Microsoft Live ID Alpha SDK
Alpha Live IP announcement

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