Saturday, February 03, 2007

Useless Gizmo one for 2007, USB Battery charger

coolest-gadgets reported about this nice gizmo, in it's post about "Gallery Gadgets up to 02-01-2007", a USB based battery charger! First I thought Cool!! Then I came to realization that I have to use this on my notebook when I ma not near another power source. If I am home I would use, regular charger and of course if I am away from a regular power source, I would want to preserve my battery power!!! on my notebook. Even if I wanted to charge batteries using this gadget, My notebook will run out of power long before they get charged! It need four hours to charge four batteries.
But there are more useful gadgets and gizmos under the post "Gallery Gadgets up to 02-01-2007". Follow the links below.

USB battery charger
Gallery Gadgets up to 02-01-2007

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