Thursday, February 15, 2007

Vista and Linux (Mephis) desktops compared

Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols. columnist has pitted Vista against Linux's fair haired boy Ubuntu (actually Mephis which is 99% Ubuntu) to see how the pinnacle of commercial desktop operating systems stacks up against the free, community-developed Linux upstart.

The aretocle itself is multipart and Steven has completed three parts sofar. I have tracked the publishing since January 24, when he publised the first part.

So far there seems to be no reason for anyone to goto Vista. If you don't like Linux at the moment, stick with your Windows XP. Other than all the bells and wistles, Vista is almost a DRM laden XP.
The Following clipped from the article should give you a little insight.
"With both systems completely idle except for their memory map programs and the screenshot program, MEPIS has a memory footprint of less than 100MB, while Vista is pounding down its foot with over half-a-gigabyte of RAM."

Another insight "My test system's high-end S/PDIF audio port lacks built-in DRM. Without that functionality, Vista won't play music through the PC's speakers with Windows Media Player 11. MEPIS, on the other hand, has no trouble playing online music. In this case, I'm using Streamtuner."

From another article points out that Vista being Longest suicide note! Because instead of concentrating on OS vista tries to be watch dog for RIAA and MPAA. Once people realize those points may be they will change to Linux or go back to XP ;).
"Say you've just bought Pink Floyd's “The Dark Side of the Moon”, released as a Super Audio CD (SACD) in its 30th anniversary edition in 2003, and you want to play it under Vista. Since the S/PDIF link to your amplifier/speakers is regarded as insecure for playing the SA content, Vista disables it, and you end up hearing a performance by Marcel Marceau instead of Pink Floyd."

Both the articles are invaluble if your computer is not a MAC.

Steven's Vista vs Linux article
Longest Suicide note

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oldskool_guy said...

Just for the record, the Linux distribution you referred to is spelled "Mepis", not "Mephis". I know it's a little late now, but better late than never.