Sunday, February 04, 2007

Vista, upgrade version, Upgrade without Windows XP or Windows 2000

Like wearing a fancy suit like M$ executives do and then leaving the zipper open, Vista as has left something like zipper open.
This facilitates one to install Vista upgrade without having to install windows XP or windows 2000 every time one need to do a clean install of Vista from Vista upgrade.
Ii is simple as installing vista in demo mode and then installing again as an in place upgrade.
You will still have to install twice and the the time is what ever you take to do a windows install multiplied by two. at least 4-5 hours.

Well back to zipper again. The zipper analogy is to say that M$ does not do a good job of checking and this is what Microsoft itself suggest as a way to do a clean install using upgrade. We everybody just buy the upgrade! no need to fish out big bucks. I don't know why people want to go through all these problems, just buy a mac with os installed or get Linux, something like Ubuntu and install

So correction to the previous article, you don't have to keep old XP cds around. And Arstechnica tell you how to use OEM versions of Vista as well.
Take your pick.

Arstechnica and OEM Vista
My own Vista upgrade article

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