Monday, March 12, 2007

Human Side of Bill Gates

I have almost never have spoken good about M$ and Bill Gates, except for a few instances. But I did not get a real opportunity to talk just about Bill gates. But today I do!
"Bill and Melinda Gates talked with a reporter at the conclusion of their trip to South Asia.He is the world's richest man, the founder of Microsoft and, along with his wife Melinda, co-founder of the world's wealthiest charitable foundation, with a $29 billion endowment. Together, the Gateses are out to make a difference, fighting global poverty and giving, as Melinda says, some voice to the voiceless. James Nachtwey joined the private, billionaire couple recently on their latest "learning tour" through slum colonies and hospitals in India and Bangladesh."

Above is the blurb from the Photo essay about Bill and Melinda Gates visit to Asia where the following Photo belonged to. I have got used to Bill Gates image on slashdot that I almost forgot how he looked like!
Thank you, Gateses, I am very happy to see that you are putting same efforts to this venture, as you did with M$. Now I know you are human!

Photo by: James Nachtwey

The photo Essay on Bill and Melinda Gateses visit to India and Bangladesh

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