Wednesday, March 14, 2007

More Open and better RedHat gives you RedHat 5

Linux Format reports that RedHat % is out with vast improvements in both corporate and the product. What I saw and read may sway me from SUSE to RedHad again.
" Today we're witnessing the rebirth of a company central to the Linux movement. In case you didn't realise, Red Hat has launched its Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 operating system at Cebit and, more importantly, overhauled its corporate infrastructure to more closely involve the open source community.

Of course, Linux Format was ready and waiting for this announcement, and we were lucky enough to be granted access to RHEL 5 before its official release. We got our hands on a dual Quad-Core Xeon (5340), giving us effectively eight cores and 4GB of RAM with which to test RHEL 5. We're sure you'll agree that this gives us ample firepower to throw at it. You'll find the results in a review that will appear in Linux Format issue 92, on sale 5 April. But while you wait, this companion article will give you a first look at the new technology that has gone into the release. We also had a chance to talk to some folks within Red Hat to get the inside view on what RHEL 5 means in the context of the company's new community-pleasing strategy."

Linux Format RedHat 5 report with screen shots.

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