Saturday, March 03, 2007

To Vista or not to Vista,

According to Tim Webber;
"You will probably enjoy Vista, but there's little reason to do it the hard way."
Tim has gone through the upgrade to Vista and reversed back to XP due to lack of support for drivers, from manufactures to M$.
The article is a nice read, closer to $1000 (including Vista Price) and still no Vista. But I read in the local sales flyers That one could get a PC with Vista home version installed.
I have been beta testing Vista (On My Notebook This a a Vista upgradable from HP and yet ran into driver and network problems) and I have Vista business to be installed in one of my PC.
I loved this M$ assumption;
"A top Microsoft executive, who does not want to be quoted by name, tells me that "the refresh rate on [mobile] devices is typically 18 months, from our research - hence the view that most Pocket PC 2002 devices would no longer be in use.

"Our view (which may be incorrect) is that those people using the latest Desktop [operating system] would potentially also be using later devices as well." "
Follow the link to read before you leap in to a Vista Upgrade.

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Hermes said...

I'm personally going to wait until it's a little more mature and any problems are ironed out.

Knowing my luck I'll forget one of my peripherals when upgrading and that would be the one that doesn't have Vista drivers yet!