Friday, March 02, 2007

Vista rises India's economy, just on activation calls

From the past experiences, with XP keys and activations, all the calls ended up in India. Nice Indian people trying to sound and act like Non-Indians, names when asked, given were, Smith, Andrew etc.
If the Slashdot article is true, there will be many calls and they might end up in India, helping Indian Economy! Hail M$
I could not think of writing this any better way, Here it is straight from /.
""The Inquirer has a story about a brute force Vista key activation crack. It's nothing fancy; it's described as a 'glorified guesser'. The danger of this approach is that sooner or later the key cracker will begin activating legitimate keys purchased by other consumers. From the article: 'The code is floating, the method is known, and there is nothing MS can do at this point other than suck it down and prepare for the problems this causes. To make matters worse, Microsoft will have to decide if it is worth it to allow people to take back legit keys that have been hijacked, or tell customers to go away, we have your money already, read your license agreement and get bent, we owe you nothing.'""
I also followed the links but seems that link Inquirer gives takes you to a ad filled site.
But you can read the Slashdot article get enough information.

Shashdot " Vista Activation Cracked by Brute Force "

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