Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Eben Moglen talks about life after GPLv3

Eben Moglen is leaving the leadership position of GPLv3 drafting, preparation etc. He wants to be back in his normal life, which I guess not much different after all! ;) here is it in a nutshell;
"But this long drafting project, which has displaced most of the rest of my professional life (and, it sometimes seems, all of my personal life as well) is winding down at last. Which means it’s time to return to some of what I’ve missed. Writing and teaching, for example. Time to reorganize time. As I return to teaching at Columbia I need to concentrate more of my remaining spare time and effort on the affairs of the Software Freedom Law Center, which is inevitably going to mean less involvement with the affairs of other organizations I care very much about."

But the following link gives you a longer article in his lovely writing style.
life after GPLv3

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