Friday, May 04, 2007

After eating up your pocket and other hardware, Vista eats laptop batteries, now!

Could not resist to post this info as M$ is battling manufacturers users and bloggers on the power consumption of Vista.
My note book has a short battery life too, not because of vista but, AMD X2, 17" screen, dual 160GB drive in raid and 2GB memory, churning out stuff all the time. It used to run for about 2 hours! and now only one hour. Hmm. I only tested Vista before it was released! well got to update my Ubuntu 7.04 now.
May M$ is trying to stop users from spending time at Google! It does not matter any other way, people do not spend time at M$ LIVE sites.!

I am too tired to write, read all about Vista and battery life here at ZDNET

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