Friday, May 25, 2007

Dell and Ubuntu (Linux) get noticed by Mass Media!

Dell, the world's No 2 computer maker, has begun selling laptops and personal computers pre-installed with Linux software - the free operating system that aims to challenge Microsoft's dominant Windows platform.
This is what The Independent had to say! The full article is here.

The Associated Press article had this to say;

Separately, Dell was set on Thursday afternoon to start selling consumer PCs running Linux, a free operating system that competes with Microsoft Corp.'s Windows.

Dell had previously said it was planning to offer Linux PCs, without giving details. It will sell one laptop and two desktop models for $599 and up, depending on hardware options. The prices are slightly lower than similar models with Windows Vista.

Linux is distributed for free and is maintained by volunteers and companies who make money by offering technical support. Though it has a strong following among computer professionals and is widely deployed in servers, it has had little traction in replacing Windows on consumer computers. Dell started selling servers with Linux in 1999.

Well I think you will be able to pick up you Dell at Wal-mart as well according the same article.

So get ready to hear this on your TV news soon;)

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