Thursday, May 17, 2007

iGoogle, universal search and new ideas from google

While I am enjoying iGoogle's ever changing background images and the new interface's news feed showed me that Google's Universal search is going to through a lot of SEO folks off the mark and off the ground. They are supposed to be dropping whole lot of SERP off the list! Anyway SEO was not a problem for me.
but today I was playing around with Google labs experimental search! and I love time lines and I love mapping.
I spent a quite a long time a few years back tracing down a Linux time line, when SCO started it's Linux license saga. I wish I knew then, what I know today.
I fired up Firefox and typed following in to the address bar; view:timeline

Viola! I have my Linux timeline.

I also typed;
................................ a lot of other stuff. A lot of timelines, maps and of course list views were created and admired!
I think it is time you headed over to Google Labs and Play!

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