Monday, May 14, 2007

M$ and it's patents, Thank Novel for spreading the cheeks!

I have seen many a posts and news articles about M$ going after it's IP protection scheme. Hope it will be better than it did with SCO!
Perhaps the same legal counselors advised against attacking Lindows, lest it will lose the right to use Windows?
I hope it (M$) come clean and hit all these infringes right on the head. Perhaps that itself will break it's balls, err hands.
After WGA, $3 Vista and all those other deals it is seeing that nothing is working, Zune mangled by iPOD, XBOX man handled by WII and PS3. Now Vista not having a much vista in the OS field. I would love to see those patents spelled out.

After M$'s legal general Brad Smith gave a broad breakdown of the alleged violations during an interview with Fortune magazine, yet has not detailed any specific patents that have been violated. Smith said the Linux kernel violates 42 patents and the operating system's user interface violates 65. The Open Office application suite violates 45 patents and open source e-mail applications infringe on 15. Other open source software applications infringe on 68 patents.
Well one would think M$ invented computing and M$ certainly would like us to think so. I hope it will give us the same entertainment that SCO delivered us.;)

Groklaw tells it as it is

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