Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Mark Russinovich's WinHec Keynote is online

Mark Russinovich of Systernals is now at M$ since M$ acquired the Systernals. I think it is good break for Mark and Bryce Cogswell. After providing us with tools to deal with all those (&*(&( on and in windows and finding things like Sony rootkit (have people already forgotten that!). But they are busy as ever. I had the chance to see Mark's presentation, Windows Server Platform Internals, as the WinHec keynote. As always it was a pleasure.
But I noticed at Microsoft technet Systernal site that a quite few videos of Mark is available for viewing.
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Mark's WinHec keynote (Windows Server Platform Internals) is now available on-demand. This is an excellent session which covers many of the new technologies built into Windows Server 2008. In addition to a deep dive into these features there are pertinent demos as well.


Mark talks about life at Microsoft and working on Windows in this 5 minute interview taped at WinHEC.

Also you will find usual systernals info and tools.

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