Saturday, June 23, 2007

Net Neutrality How it affects you and the nation.

While nations around the world big and small thrive to increase the broadband access to it's citizens, United States is falling behind as it has become free for all game for big telephone and cable companies.
As SnapVoIP reported, AT&T is hiding the advertisement of $10 DSL access it is supposed to provide due to a legal action. These explain how far a telephone company goes to protect it's pockets.
But this article is to tell you why net neutrality is important to all of us and how to go about making sure that the net stays neutral.
There have been many organizations working together to promote net neutrality but I have always been a fan of
Save the Internet have stated that by a factor of more than 10 to 1, people spoke out in favor of restoring strong Net Neutrality protections. It’s now up to the FCC to represent the overwhelming support for open and neutral networks in future decisions concerning the Internet.
But what could you do to insure that net neutrality will continue in it's best form of providing Internet access to masses in an affordable and broad enough to call broadband! (In Japan, you can get 100MB/100MB fiber connection for what I pay for a 4MB/768 DSL)
You can do what I did, you can use the tools provided by them!
What Is net neutrality?
Check out this coalition and join if you like.
ACT NOW because there are only 22 days left!

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