Tuesday, July 24, 2007

It is the Price Dummy! Wii on the top again!

I think we will keep on telling this for some time to come. Wii has sold more units than XBox and PS3 combined in the month of June!
According to NPD's latest data, the Wii was the top selling next-gen home console system, with 380,000 units sold last month. The Xbox 360 took its usual #2 spot with 198,000 units and the PS3 lagged behind once again with only 98,000.

Thanks to the pending discontinuation of the 60 GB PS3 and the associated price drop, the console's sales numbers were higher than previous months. May, for example, saw PS3 sales of around 82,000 units.

The Playstation 2, however, continues to sell very well. Around 270,000 units of the seven-year-old system were sold during the month of June, putting it ahead of the Xbox 360. Why? the price?
On the handheld side, the DS scored exceptional sales again as well. 561,000 units of the dual-screen system were sold last month. Sony's PSP showed a bit of a surge, though it was still well behind the Nintendo competitor. Around 290,000 PSP units made their way to consumers in June.

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