Sunday, July 22, 2007

Most needed Wii Accessory, Party Station.

Party Station
The center of the Wii-party experience

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Eat, drink and enjoy your favorite multiplayer games on the Wii with Nyko's Party Station. The Party Station was built from the ground up to embrace the competitive and social gameplay of the Wii, and to enhance the Wii experience for gamers of all ages. With the Party Station you and friends can easily keep drinks cool with the freezable cup holders, snack with the built in chip and dip bowl, store up to four Wii-Remotes, keep your hands nice and cool with the Hand Fan, and keep rivalry alive across a number of games with the digital scoreboards. The Party Station is the perfect companion to any coffee table.

Party Station Features Hand Fan
Fan cools sweaty hand during the most intense gaming sessions
Party Station Features LED Scoreboard
LED scoreboards allow you to keep score across a number of games
Party Station Features Snack Bowl
Easily keep your favorite snacks and dips ready with the built-in snack and dip bowl
Party Station Features Cup Holders
4 cup holders keep your beverages ice cold

Party Station Features

Cooling fan provides a gentle breeze for warn hands during intense Wii tournaments
LED scoreboards allows teams or players to easily keep score across a number of different games
Includes removable snack and dip bowls
4 removable cup holders
Wii-Remote holders easily store up to 4 controllers
Storage drawer for assorted items like nunchunks, SD cards, etc.
Compact design fits any coffee table and matches the Wii aesthetic

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