Sunday, July 15, 2007

Report on E3's big three, Microsoft,Nintendo and Sony

SANTA MONICA, CALIF.—The annual Electronic Entertainment Expo — a.k.a. E3, an industry-only trade show devoted to the multi billion dollar video game industry — kicked off last week in Santa Monica, Calif., with press conferences held by the Big Three console manufacturers: Microsoft (Xbox 360), Nintendo (Wii) and Sony (PlayStation 3).

The Game Guy was front row-and-centre at these invite-only events, where each of the companies splashed next-generation video games on huge screens, much to the delight of salivating gaming journalists.
Following the conferences were three days of hands-on time with tomorrow’s titles, but you’ll have to check out tomorrow’s entertainment section in the Toronto Star for my five top picks.
So follow this link to read Star's account of all big three!

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