Saturday, August 25, 2007

Zango does Tango with FTC

The following comes straight from;
Benjamin Edelman - Spyware Research, Legislation, and Suits

Zango Practices Violating Zango's Recent Settlement with the FTC

"In my hands-on testing, Zango continues numerous practices likely to confuse, deceive, or otherwise harm typical users as well as practices specifically contrary to Zango's obligations under its November 2006 settlement with the FTC.

Among these practices are widespread, ongoing Zango-designed installation sequences which install Zango pop-up ad software without any on-screen disclosure of material terms. Instead, these installations mention Zango's effects only in a lengthy EULA – exactly contrary to the FTC settlement's requirements.
Zango's ongoing practices also include widespread in-toolbar ads without the labeling and hyperlinks specifically required under the FTC settlement. Other Zango ads, including desktop icons and even certain pop-ups, also lack these labels and links.

This article summarizes selected incidents I have recently observed. In particular:

  • Widespread Zango “ActiveX” Installations without Unavoidable, Prominent Disclosure of Material Terms (XP SP1 and Earlier). Details.
  • Widespread Zango Banner-Based Installations without Unavoidable, Prominent Disclosure of Material Terms (XP SP2). Details.
  • Ongoing Zango Installations with No Disclosure Whatsoever. Details.
  • Unlabeled Zango Ads - Toolbars, Desktop Icons, and Pop-Ups. Details.
  • Zango Ads for Bogus Sites that Attempt to Defraud Users. Details."

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