Friday, September 14, 2007

M$ Fiddles with your WIndows (and we don't need Damn permission)

Microsoft well known here as M$ has been caught updating users Windows machines without asking them or even mentioning them. I just checked mine but some how they missed mine! May be because I disabled automatic updates and use a firewall that windows does not know about! (Windows does not recognize Jetico Personal Firewall but it does a great job). I will update my windows when I want so disabling automatic updates might help in the events like this.
The Story came from Scott Dunn, of Windows Secrets, who noticed that Windows Update (WU) has recently started altering files on users' systems without displaying any dialogue box to request permission.
This latest snafu has replaced nine files on systems;

In Vista, the following files are updated:
1. wuapi.dll
2. wuapp.exe
3. wuauclt.exe
4. wuaueng.dll
5. wucltux.dll
6. wudriver.dll
7. wups.dll
8. wups2.dll
9. wuwebv.dll

In XP, the following files are updated:
1. cdm.dll
2. wuapi.dll
3. wuauclt.exe
4. wuaucpl.cpl
5. wuaueng.dll
6. wucltui.dll
7. wups.dll
8. wups2.dll
9. wuweb.dll

But Scott assures (I would take his word over M$' in this matter) that these files does not cause any harm to your system. But the M$' capability of doing so and utter disregard to it's users might be some thing that States wanting to extend the anti trust watch would want to show the Judge.
Scott also tells us how you can watch your system and registry changes with a free program Tiny watcher, which I already use, to see things like this in the future.

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