Monday, September 17, 2007

MIIVI is VIIDE and looks like wide open too!

MIIVI is VIIDE, while ago I wrote about Mediadefender using a site called Miivi to attract potential movie or music down loaders. They appeared to have change the name to viide but now it seems that mediadefender has become wide open instead! The same source TorrentFreak (Dugg) and ARS Technica (Slashdotted) reports about juicy details about the company.
Ironaically the leaked information was dilivered/distributed via bittorrent!, and everybody is going through personal details, contracts and contacts.
Before I could finish the article TF again posted about anothe leak, MediaDefender Phone Call and Gnutella Tracking Database Leaked
Well All those labels and movie companies that hired mediadefender to defend their products must be wondering about defense they got, from a company that even could not protect it self, even after a giant information leak!
The group supposed to be responsible for this havok, is Mediadefender defenders

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