Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Say Hello to HALO for the third time and the best article that I read about it, "Rethinking Halo"

After seeing fans on the TV waiting for the release of the HALO 3 and still thinking about which console to buy, (Xbox Ultimate or WII) and I set out to search for information on Halo. I am not a shooter game fan but I have a lot of friends who are. I have seen the game, I like the graphics but running around and shooting anything that moves is not my cup of coffee. But others say the same about the games I like, Simulations, driving and flying mainly. I also like to those in real life, flying mainly with model aircrafts and helicopters.
Back to Halo. It is a very important for Microsoft (or M$ as the empire is lovingly known here) make this issue of the game a success. In fact they plan to overtake PS3 with the aid of HALO. So the article "Rethinking Halo" gave me all the information I needed to fill the holes of my knowledge about the game, both current and past.

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