Thursday, October 25, 2007

Who is Going to Comment on WHOIS to ICANN

I raised my hand to request by Doc Searls post on this ICANN. ICANN is, if you did not know, Hmmm let me quote Doc himself;
"Except ICANN is more like Grendel's cave, only a helluva lot bigger, and far more boring. It's easy for an outsider to be daunted by ICANN's labyrinthine bureaucracy, its complex processes, its mountain of documents, the galactic scale of its influence, the ecclesiology of its high-level gatherings and its near-countless topics of concern. The relatively small topic what happens to whois would be easy to miss. For example, it's not even listed among the many current topics on ICANN's top-level topics page."

But Once you read it please head over to WHOIS redux: Demand privacy in domain name registration, to learn more about this and act on it.

Or if you already know about these stuff;
"ICANN is currently soliciting Public Comments until 30 October, 2007 on the most recent GNSO WHOIS Task Force and Working Group Reports, recommendations, and related Staff Overview of Recent GNSO Whois Activity and Staff Implementation Notes on the WHOIS Working Group Report. An overview and links to all related WHOIS documents currently available for comment can be found at:"
Or just send your comments to

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