Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Askeraser Turns On Privacy Swithch For ASK.COM is betting that privacy concerns will sell their wares.. The fourth-largest search engine company will introduce a new and novel service today called AskEraser, which allows users to make their searches more private, once the AskEraser is turned on. Best part of Askeraser is the easy way that one could use it. People will be able to turn AskEraser on or off with two clicks.

NY Times Bits says that it is not much that Ask erases. Even if ask erases, there are more who hordes user data. It is like swimming among thousands of sharks, and one of them being a vegetarian. So exercise care, where you roam. How you ask, well I am yet to find. and other major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Microsoft typically keep track of search terms typed by users and link them to a computer’s Internet address, and sometimes to the user. However, Google and Microsoft make search logs largely anonymous or discard them after 18 months. Yahoo does the same after 13 months.

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