Friday, December 07, 2007

CompUSA Shuts Down

Wall Street Journal reports that one of my walk in computer shops, Compusa will be shutdown. Even though I did not like the sales people who did not know USB, from PSB, I could find what ever they offered easily on their racks, which were neatly arranged most of the time. I just got my Nokia N810 there.

"Mexican telephone and retail magnate Carlos Slim, in a rare defeat, will exit the U.S. consumer electronics market, shutting the last 100 CompUSA Inc. stores after sinking about $2 billion into the business.

Gordon Brothers Group, a Boston-based retail store liquidator, will oversee a piecemeal sale of the Dallas-based business, the company said in a statement. Financial terms were not disclosed. Stores will remain open through year-end under the supervision of Gordon Brothers, which will also negotiate the sale of real estate and other assets. Two law firms were hired to represent creditors, CompUSA said."

WSJ Report

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