Friday, December 21, 2007

Google Can DoubleClick FTC Agrees.

According to the following San Jose Mercury news article Google has won the FTC approval to purchase DoubleClick for $3.1 Billion. FTC wondered about the combination of two largest advertising and the impact on consumer privacy. But agreed that those concerns go well beyond this deal.

Google is yet to get a ruling from European regulators, expected sometime in the next three months. The European Commission has said it will complete its investigation by April 2.

Consumer advocates and Google rivals, such as Microsoft and AT&T, strongly oppose the deal, which was announced in April 2007, on the grounds that it would give Google sweeping insight into individuals' behavior on the Internet and allow the Mountain View company to dominate Internet ad sales and ad serving tools. If I were FTC then I would look into the practices of AT&T and Microsoft on the same issues. The concerns about this knowledge of user behavior could be gleamed from other sources easily, whether Double click is there or not.

Google makes money primarily from selling advertising based on specific words users type into its famous search engine, as well as from ads that are matched with the content of Web pages. DoubleClick makes money by providing software to advertisers and publishers that helps them place and track display ads. Both companies are considered leaders in their areas.

SJM Article.

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