Friday, December 07, 2007

Western Digital Has A DRM Crippled Harddrive, Just For Your Safety

Register is reporting that Western Digital's 1TB My Book World Edition external hard drive has been crippled by DRM for your safety.
"Due to unverifiable media license authentication, the most common audio and video file types cannot be shared with different users using WD Anywhere Access."
WD's list of banned file types encompasses over 35 extensions. This includes AAC, MP3, AVI, DivX, WMV, and Quicktime files. And why not — Windows TMP files too.
So you know what drive I will not be buying, not that I have music to share, even in the house! I only listen to radio, in the car. I don't buy music anymore. WD stick to making harddrives, RIAA and MPAA is doing enough to protect Music and Media, every which way they can.
And if you are crippling the remotes access and sharing, do not call it a "Network Storage System for Remote Access and Sharing".
Register article.

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