Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Next Step For RIAA, "Listening to Music is illegal"

After reading this article and this, I am at a loss. What is RIAA is trying to achieve? Totally alienate everyone? I think the copying for personal use has come before the courts before. Since IANL, I will leave the legal stuff to the people who know about them. RIAA, the only music I listen is what I hear over radio in my car and occasional listening/viewing on TV. May be you can take on TIVO like entities because they record music and TV shows.
I have not bought a CD in years (but we buy even more expensive Japanese music, which cost us twice as much as a US music CD, because we have a Japanese member in the family.) in protest to ugly practices of RIAA. But I think now I will visit stores looking for music that is not RIAA affiliated.
I hope musicians will learn that they are too being ripped off by a bunch and react properly. also I hope more of; "RIAA Gets opposition From Student Lawyers" , "RadioHead Might Find That Pot of Gold "In Rainbows"" and less of "Jamie Thomas appeals RIAA (Capital Records v Jammie Thomas) decision," this year and most preferably that RIAA finds a better way to protect IP, intellectual properties of artists, not pockets of few individual corporations.

I also saw the following article; Make your own deductions;
The only problem with the outrage over the news that the RIAA has begun to target CD ripping is that no such claim was made. RIAA lawyer Ira Schwartz, writing in a supplemental brief, made clear that the defendant was being targeted not for ripping CDs, but for putting songs in a shared Kazaa folder, making them available globally.
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