Friday, March 21, 2008

Apple To Windows, Let Me Take You On A Safari, With Safari 3.1 For Windows

Keepeing to his words, Apple's Steve Jobs is offering windows version of Apples Web Browser Safari via it's iTunes Update Program.
When Mr. Jobs first unveiled Safari for Windows, he said that the main way Apple planned to get Safari on Windows is through its Software Update program. He noted that there are a million downloads of iTunes a day, with 500 million of those going to Windows machines."
What a better vehicle than iTunes to deliver Safari or any other Apple product. The task is even easier as these users already knows about Apple and it's ability to provide what users need without much of a hassle. (I myself do not like iTunes and assorted stuff running as services in my PC's as the grab too much resources. I let iTunes run freely on my Mac, correction, was my Mac. I just got a call from my girl friend who just got a new job saying that her office uses Macs and she need to practice Macs!)
But I alredy have Safari 3.1 running on one of my notebooks.
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