Saturday, March 29, 2008

Symbian 9.2 Hacked?

As all the Symbian modders or heavy users already know, SSS (Stupid Symbian Signed) have revoked the end user's ability to be a developer thus preventing them getting a developer certificate. This forced everyone but big boys to use use their open-signed online system. So all the free software were unable to be signed and people had to chase down certificates by various means like learn to follow through Chinese language sites. It was not easy even with my Japanese Kanji (limited) knowledge. So I had to rely on posts like this for support. Anyway people were able to obtain certificates and the applications running. It was not easy but did the job.
But now the same source that took us through the Chinese site is telling us how to do away with the certificates altogether.He has worked with FCA00000 and others in this Symbian Freak forum thread for coming up with this solution! Neanton from the same forum was involved in preparing the guide!
This hack allows you to install and run unsigned applications on Symbian device. So follow the link to get to the guide with clear instructions and screen captures that paves the path to a really "Open Symbian S60".
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