Monday, March 24, 2008

U Penn, Wait On Windows Vista SP1

IW is reporting that University IT Staff at University of Pennsylvania is advising users not to grab Windows Vista SP1 and upgrade their computers until all the bugs are cleared.
I thought that Vista Supposed to give red screens not blue screens. If it were the case, M$ has put the feature back in Vista, Now you can get blue screens!
I downloaded it via Windows Update, and got a bluescreen on the third part of the update," wrote "Iggy33", in a comment posted Wednesday on Microsoft's Vista team blog.

Iggy33 was just one of dozens of posters complaining about Vista Service Pack 1's effect on their PCs. "What a disaster," wrote "SeppDietrich", of the update. "It exiled all my Nvidia drivers to the Bermuda Triangle."

"Bikkja" said that "after installing SP1 things seem to go really slow, even though my computer shouldn't have any problems."

Other troubles reported by Vista SP1 users ranged from a simple inability to download the software from Microsoft's Windows Update site to sudden spikes in memory usage.

You can join the discussion at IW.

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