Wednesday, April 02, 2008

O3Spaces Workplace, An Essential Web 2.0 Enterprise Extension for And Beyond

I just downloaded the VMWare version (Community Version) of the famous O3Spaces appliance. I am very pleased with it that I will present it to some people who is in dire need of document management solution.
The version I tested out was 2.2.1 which is the current version. O3Spaces Workplace integrates easily into office productivity suites such as, StarOffice and Microsoft Office, and delivers its Document Management and Document Collaboration solutions for teams distributed or local, workgroups & departments, across different operating systems. The solution I will be presenting is a mixed shop, ranging from Linux, Windows to Mac OS X. If you like to read more about the workplace, download the following document.

Download O3Spaces Workplace 2.2.1 whitepaper (PDF - 299 kB)

Following information is obtained verbatim from the O3Spaces website.

Workplace 2.2.1 is available as one of three well known editions; the popular Community Edition (over 30000 downloads in 5 months), the enterprise grade Professional Edition and the no hassle Software As A Service On-Demand Edition.

O3Spaces Workplace 2.2.1 incorporates a greatly enhanced Workplace Assistant. This trademark desktop component now sports an 'application style' user interface, with a generic Workplace repository file browser. It allows you to upload multiple files and folders to the Workplace by drag & drop, or download a selection of files and folders for off-line work. The new Workplace Assistant makes it even easier to share any type of file from any application, while retaining the benefits of the Workplace repository's security, versioning and locking mechanisms.
Download O3Spaces Workplace Assistant File-Explorer whitepaper (PDF - 142 kB)

Another unique Workplace feature is the template-management module. This functionality addresses one of the few remaining OOo/SO enterprise blind spots. The module covers template storage, versioning, as well as, controlled distribution of templates to the end user in one integrated system.
Download O3Spaces Workplace Template Management whitepaper (PDF - 119 kB)

O3Spaces Workplace 2.2.1 is the first Workplace release offering a Spanish localization, catering to the popular demand of Spanish speaking Workplace users across the globe.

O3spaces Workplace has a rapidly growing global customer base. Our customers can be found in the educational, health care, government, SMB & enterprise markets.
The O3Spaces Workplace 2.2.1 Community Edition is available from the O3Spaces community website: and at:

On the community website you will find:
Community downloads (VMware Appliance, Windows installer, generic Deb package or a generic RPM package)
2.2.1 Update Kit (Update a 2.x.x to 2.2.1)
Professional Edition trial download (Workplace Deployment Kit)

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