Friday, May 02, 2008

Windows XP Service Pack Experience.

I had to check this out so I finally installed this on a fresh Windows XP with Service Pack 2. Installation itself took some time ( I was able to almost complete a Ubuntu 8.04 on a old notebook) but the service pack installation went smooth. First it took an inventory of the notebook I was installing it on and the did a file and registry backup and created a restore point. Then installed the service pack 3. Everything went fine and I rebooted the notebook. It started without much fuzz and created/changed registry entries.
The system has been running for a while without any problems. I do not have many applications on the machine as yet and I will certainly do so as time allows. As of now I have tested, Zonealarm firewall, Spybot S&D with tea timer, Firefox along with VPN and some other remote access programs.
Although not available for down load, you can still get the service pack 3 if you know where to look!

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