Monday, June 16, 2008

AP to Define Fair Use! or Just Use "No AP" badge

I hope only regarding their articles!. Moronic people always look to change things so that they benefits them. It like Disney doing the copyright dance or still seem to be uneducated AP, an association of 1500 news papers is going to define what fair use is!
Basically News papers are dying bread. I rarely pick up a news paper unless I am in a hotel and free US News is at my door. That is also only if the hotel does not have WiFi.
Anyone who watch TV know that the news is always covered by two three news stations. Similar way, there are sources more than AP affiliates that reports the same news. It just takes a little time to track down the original source.
I have many times seen AP taking a Company Press Release and post it with AP seal. Just take one more step hunt down the company press hub and refer excerpts or the whole press release from there. (Companies love to get their press releases out there.)

The Following is an excerpt from New York Times! a AP affiliate. Is this fair use? if not how can I make it fair!
"Fair use has become an essential concept to many bloggers, who often quote portions of articles before discussing them. The A.P., a cooperative owned by 1,500 daily newspapers, including The New York Times, provides written articles and broadcast material to thousands of news organizations and Web sites that pay to use them."
Hope some one will create "No AP" badge.
Oops! Some on already did! "So here’s our new policy on A.P. stories: they don’t exist. We don’t see them, we don’t quote them, we don’t link to them. They’re banned until they abandon this new strategy, and I encourage others to do the same until they back down from these ridiculous attempts to stop the spread of information around the Internet."; TechCrunch
Just ban anything from AP! like TechCrunch, ban any linking to AP stories on your blog site. Hope some one will create "No AP" badge.

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