Monday, July 28, 2008

DoFollow, Do You Know If They Really Follow You?

Link Report From One Of My Own Sites
Since I wrote about "NoFollow, DoFollow, SEO, Blog Optimization, All that is moving to Geemodo." on MyAdlets, This is one of the first articles related to SEO and DoFollow.
Since the DoFollow, NoFollow and iFollow, I have been following the DoFollow movement. I also checked sites that I frequent to see if they are follow their DoFollow mantra.
So the first thing I did was to look for tool that shows me if those site that advertise as being DoFollow really following their words. Yes I did find the tool and I checked some sites and still continuing to check. I have to verify if the tool is doing its work right before I come out with the results. Specially because I found big sites that I have registered seem to be NoFollow or partially DoFollow. (Ofcourse they did not say they they are DoFollow sites. But I expected link backs!)
Not only they are NoFollow and most of these sites suck your pagerank away if those pagerank Gurus are saying are true. So if you are a person that do not like to share your page rank that is something to lookout for.
In preliminary research, I found many sites that claims to be D0Follow but actually NoFollow sites. Some sites are being selectively NoFollow or DoFollow, specially with comments. I think those sites have some alogorithm for selecting whom to follow. (Something like you need to have 5 comments before they follow you.)
So people, I will have to stop here for now but I will be back with the results and the tool soon so that you can test it yourselves.
If you know a tool that checks for nofollow or dofollow on sites, please leave a comment!. Collectively we will be able to make our sites better connected.


Lee said...

Hello... Lee here. I ran across a great site, Yan Susanto, who runs the blog, posted an interesting post of this. He talks about a DoFollow Firefox plugin. Once installed, activate by right clicking (blue for Dofollow, pink for nofollow). Enjoy...

ravenII said...

Hi Lee, Thank you fro the lead, will check it out. Perhaps that is what I need test after the current one.