Friday, July 11, 2008

Latest Windows Security Update Breaks Zonealarm And Blocks Internet Access

Did you have the latest Security Updates from Microsoft installed and lost the internet connection? Yes the "Security update for Windows (KB951748)" breaks Zonealarm, all the versions.

So if your zonealarm is blocking your browser and other http access, follow the following procedures.

Download and install the latest versions which solve the loss of internet access problem here (English only):

  • ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
  • ZoneAlarm Pro
  • ZoneAlarm Antivirus
  • ZoneAlarm Anti-Spyware
  • ZoneAlarm Basic Firewall
  • - or follow the directions below.

    Option 1: Move Internet Zone slider to Medium

    1. Navigate to the "ZoneAlarm Firewall" panel
    2. Click on the "Firewall" tab
    3. Move the "Internet Zone" slider to medium

    Option 2: Uninstall the hotfix

    1. Click the "Start Menu"
    2. Click "Control Panel", or click "Settings" then "Control Panel"
    3. Click on "Add or Remove Programs"
    4. On the top of the add/remove programs dialog box, you should see a checkbox that says "show updates". Select this checkbox
    5. Scroll down until you see "Security update for Windows (KB951748)"
    6. Click "Remove" to uninstall the hotfix

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