Sunday, January 18, 2009

TorrentTV From Myka!

If you are a movie fan and a torrent guru (you do not have to be a guru to use torrents so everyone is a guru! in our books.), Rejoice because Myka has put together Mac Mini type box with torrent capabilities and is able to attach to your TV directly.
The Myka can connect to the internet via LAN or WiFi. For connecting to your entertainment system, it has HDMI, Composite, S-Video and SPDIF ports. Since you are downloading stuff, for storage your choices are 80, 160 or 500 GB drives with Linux OS configured with BitTorrent. You could also bring videos directly from your computer to the box.
Key features as listed on site;

  • WiFi enabled - 802.11/g
  • Direct ethernet connector for direct connection
  • HDMI, Composite, S-Video and SPDIF ports for maximum flexibility
  • Internal hard drive choice of 80, 160 or 500 gigabytes
  • BitTorrent peer to peer software built in
  • USB port for expansion
So give your computers a rest and fully utilize the internet connection (broadband I hope) the full use. And enjoy some movies at the same time.
This is going to cost you some where between $299-$459, a bit steep when you can get a desktop with quad core plus or minus $500, these days.
You can read more about and pre order one here.

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Excellent informative post about TorrentTV of Myka! Thanks for sharing.