Friday, August 14, 2009

Microsoft BITCHing About Firefox Downloads

Looks like M$ can't take a beating I guess. 1 Billion downloads of Firefox announcement has triggered off a bunch of comments from Redmond and they are not that great.
Specially the Amy Barzdukas, a general manager at Microsoft in charge of the company's Internet Explorer browser, has problem with numbers!
"As with any marketing statement, I'd encourage people to be somewhat skeptical about large number claims," she said. Yes specially with Microsoft ones!
Well I can give you some math Amy, I have a bunch of machine that run Microsoft OS, and I work with bunch others. First thing, even before firewalls and anti virus, I download Firefox and lately Chrome as well. I keep Internet Explorer around because I can't download stuff from Microsoft sites with firefox, like your MSDN. That sucks, Microsoft!
May be I should tell that to European Commission!
If Internet explorer was not bundled with OSs, I can gurentee that I would not download it. I also have blocked Internet Explorer from my windows updates! Because I do not need it.
You can read more at The Guardian

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