Saturday, June 26, 2010

Blogger Mobile : Mobile Blogging On Blogger With Ease!

You can blog on blogger from anywhere in the world, where there is a telephone signal. From you mobile or smartphone, just send a message to (After setting up of course) and you will be publishing in no time.

Here's how to start a mobile blog:

  1. Text REGISTER to BLOGGR to create your mobile blog. The text and/or photo in your message will be uploaded to that blog right away. We'll message you back with the address, (so you can visit your new blog on the web) and a token (so you can claim your blog and access it from your account).
  2. OPTIONAL - If you feel like changing anything on your new mobile blog or if you already have a Blogger account and want the posts to go to your existing blog, you can log in to and enter the token we sent to your phone. You'll then have the option to claim your new mobile blog and merge it with your existing blog. Note to users whose blog address does not contain Once you make the aforementioned switch, new mobile posts will be published to your chosen blog but mobile posts published prior to the switch will not be moved over automatically.
Text messaging capable mobile device with a text messaging plan. This service is free from Google but charges from your carrier for usage may apply.

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