Monday, June 21, 2010

Soluto, No Frustration Software,

Soluto, Anti frustration software

Soluto - Anti Frustration Software from Soluto on Vimeo.
Thankfully I have been able to keep my PCs clean and my Macs even cleaner. With most of my CPU power devoted to certain utilities, I have been able to keep my PCs worm free, virus free and mostly trouble free. But it is not easy for regular user. I get called in by family and friends when their computer begin to act like someone walking on molasses. Yes I do not mind helping, but instead of manually walking through the troubles and cleaning them one at a time, a all in one tool will be nice.
Then I found Solutos solution. Yes you should try it. It is free and does what it says it does, solve problems and reduce frustrations. They attack the problems in two fronts, technically and socially. The patent pending software with low level detection capabilities will solve your problems and share the knowledge with others through PC-Genome.

Soluto's PC Genome is a knowledgebase of PC frustration data built automatically through the usage of Soluto software. Its objective and statistical information, gathered and analyzed by Soluto, is also editable by the community.
Visit Soluto and reduce your frustrations.

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